About Me

Welcome! I am an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Colgate University. My research investigates the impact of individual leaders on international security and foreign policy. More specifically, I am interested in how the behavior and characteristics of individuals affect the onset of interstate conflict, as well as how leaders use the tools of coercion to pursue their foreign policies. My research specialties include   elite decision-making, reputation and resolve in international security, civil-military relations, political psychology, and experimental methods. 

My research is published or forthcoming in International Interactions and Political Research Quarterly, and my work has been featured on ForeignPolicy.com and The Washington Post's Monkey CageI am also a permanent contributor to Political Violence @ a Glancewhere I engage in policy analysis of current events and international problems. For more information about my research, please see my CV or visit my research page. 

If you are interested in learning more about my research or teaching please contact me at: dlupton [at] colgate [dot] edu. 

Follow me on Twitter @ProfLupton.