Public Scholarship & Media Appearances

Public Scholarship

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Television, Radio/Podcast, and Print Interviews

The Economist, "Military bases swung hard away from Republicans in 2020," by Daniella Raz, October 2021.

1869: The Cornell University Press Podcast, February 2021. [Link]

The Hill, "More veterans running for office as numbers dwindle in Congress," by Ellen Mitchell, November 2020.

The Economist, "War heroes no longer dominate American politics as they once did," by Shashank Joshi, August 2020.

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Horns of a Dilemma Podcast by the Texas National Security Review and War on the Rocks, "How World Leaders Are Like High Schoolers: Professor Danielle Lupton Discusses Her New Book Reputation for Resolve," May 2020. [Link]

The New York Times, "Flights In and Out of Tehran Continued After Missile Strikes and Plane Crash," by Lauren Leatherby, Denise Lu, Anjali Singhvi, James Glanz, and Niraj Chokshi, January 2020.

13: A Colgate Podcast, "Foreign Policy, Congressional Widows, and Board Games with Prof. Danielle Lupton," October 2019., "28 Hot Congressional Races Veterans are Trying to Win in the Midterms," by Gina Harkins, November 2018., "More Veterans Could Be Headed to Public Office. Here's What They Bring to Government," by Gina Harkins, November 2018.

Roll Call, "Veterans Still Outpace Civilians in Congress, but Declines Continue," by Stephanie Akin, November 2018.

Warcast Podcast by War on the Rocks, “The Reputational Effects of the Syria Strikes,” April 2018.

CNN, Live On Air Interview with Michael Smerconish, “With Fewer Veterans in Office, Congress Cedes War Powers,” April 2018.

POTUS: Politics of The United States Radio Show on Sirius XM, Live Interview with Michael Smerconish, April 2018.

The New York Times, “Did the World Get Aung San Suu Kyi Wrong?” by Max Fisher and Amanda Taub, October 2017.

The Colgate Maroon News, “Trump Orders Attack on Syrian Base Following Attack,” by Annie McDonough, April 2017.

Additional Media Coverage of Research

Colgate Magazine, "Research A-Z," Summer Edition, August 2022.

Boston Herald, "House vote a win for those who serve country and constituents," by Patrick Kearney, July 2021

Atlantic Council, State of the Order blog, March 2021

The Undiplomatic Podcast, hosted by Van Jackson, January 2020.

War on the Rocks, "A Guide to Getting Real on Iran," by Aaron Stein, January 2020.

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National Affairs, "War Games," by Kevin Lewis, March 2017.