Refereed Book

Danielle L. Lupton. 2020. Reputation for Resolve: How Leaders Signal Determination in International Politics. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, Cornell Studies in Security Affairs.  [Amazon]  [Publisher's Website]

Refereed Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

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Book Reviews

Danielle L. Lupton. 2023. Author's Response to H-Diplo/RJISSF Roundtable Review of Reputation for Resolve: How Leaders Signal Determination in International Politics (Cornell University Press, 2020), 10 February. [Link]

Danielle L. Lupton. 2021. "What if? A Look Back at the Strategic Logic of U.S. Alliances," Review of Mira Rapp Hopper's Shields of the Republic (Harvard University Press, 2020). Texas National Security Review, 9 August.  [Link]

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