Works in Progress

Under Review/In Revision

Danielle L. Lupton and Clayton Webb. "Wither Elites? The Role of Elite Credibility and Knowledge in Public Perceptions of Foreign Policy" (Revise and Resubmit) [PDF]

Danielle L. Lupton. "Credibility, Resolve, and the Issuing of International Threats."

John A. Doces and Danielle L. Lupton. "Political Leaders and Economic Development: An Empirical Analysis."

Danielle L. Lupton, Sahar Parsa, and Steven Sprick Schuster. “Congressional Dynasties: Widows, the Name Brand Advantage, and Legislative Behavior” [PDF]

Christopher Ankersen, Jessica Blankshain, and Danielle L. Lupton. Civil-Military Relations: A Reader (edited book; under contract)

Works in Progress

Danielle L. Lupton and Jeremy Teigen. "Nearer the Base: How Proximity to the U.S. Armed Forces Shapes American Public Attitudes."

Clayton Webb and Danielle L. Lupton. "Tired of Playing the HITs? Cognitive Fatigue in MTurk Experiments."

Jessica Blankshain, Lindsay Cohn, and Danielle Lupton. "I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help: Public Perceptions of the Use of Coercive State Power."

Jessica Blankshain, David Glick, and Danielle Lupton. “Thank You For Your Service? Militaristic Framing and Public Support for COVID-19 Essential Workers.”

Danielle L. Lupton. The Veteran Effect: How Military Experience Shapes Congressional Foreign and Defense Policy (book manuscript)

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Military Veterans in Congress