Works in Progress

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"I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help: Public Perceptions of the Use of Coercive State Power," with Jessica Blankshain and Lindsay Cohn (R&R at the American Political Science Review)

Works in Progress

"Nearer the Base: How Proximity to the U.S. Armed Forces Shapes American Public Attitudes," with Jeremy Teigen

"Confronting the New Gatekeepers: Reassessing Norms in Experimental Research," with Clayton Webb

"Tired of Playing the HITs? Cognitive Fatigue in MTurk Experiments," with Clayton Webb

"Pride and Patriarchy: Feminist Attitudes and Confidence in the US Military" with Jessica Blankshain and Max Margulies


"Whose Foreign Policies Matter? The Countries that International Relations Scholars Prioritize in their Studies of International Affairs" with Clayton Webb

The Veteran Effect: How Military Experience Shapes Congressional Foreign and Defense Policy (book manuscript)

Datasets in Collection

Military Veterans in Congress