Works in Progress

Articles Under Review

John A. Doces and Danielle L. Lupton. "Political Leaders and Economic Development: An Empirical Analysis."

John A. Doces, Danielle L. Lupton, Chris Magee, and Chanda Singoyi. "Is the 'Big-Man' Biased? Examining Leadership and Growth in Africa."

Danielle L. Lupton. "Military Experience and Congressional Decision-Making: Self-Selection, Socialization, and the Vietnam Draft Lottery."

Danielle L. Lupton, Sahar Parsa, and Steven Sprick Schuster. "“Congressional Dynasties: Widows, the Name Brand Advantage, and Legislative Behavior”"

Working Papers

Danielle L. Lupton. "Credibility, Resolve, and the Issuing of International Threats."

Danielle L. Lupton. "The Ethics and Efficacy of Air Strikes: The Fallacy of the Middle Ground Approach."

Danielle L. Lupton and Jeremy Teigen. "Nearer the Base: How Proximity to the U.S. Armed Forces Shapes American Public Attitudes."

Danielle L. Lupton and Clayton Webb. "Who Constitutes an Elite in Foreign Policy?"

Clayton Webb and Danielle L. Lupton. "Tired of Playing the HITs? Cognitive Fatigue in MTurk Experiments."

Datasets in Collection

Veterans in Congress Dataset